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Conveyor Technology Services

Conveyor Technology Services is a provider of conveyor belt maintenance equipment to many diversified industries including coal, ore, quarry, power, cement and food. Our extensive product range includes mechanical belt fasteners, belt cleaners, belt tracking devices, belt clamps, chain conveyors and dust suppression control units.

Primary Belt Cleaners

Primary Belt Cleaning Systems

Primary Cleaning Systems to suit most applications and providing easy and effective maintenance.

Secondary Belt Cleaners

Secondary Belt Cleaning Systems

Secondary Cleaners remove bulk material build-up to keep conveyor system operating to full potential.

Return Belt Cleaners

Return Belt Cleaners

Vee Plough and Diagonal Plough designs available to protect tail, bend and take-up pulleys.

Conveyor Belt Maintenance

Conveyor Belt Maintenance

Includes pulley lagging, conveyor skirting clamps, belt cutters, belt squares and track swivels.

Belt Fasteners & Repair Fasteners

Belt Fasteners & Repair Fasteners

Mechanical fasteners used in mining & servicing the growing need for mechanical fasteners.

Chain Conveyors

Chain Conveyors

Drop forged conveyor chain and accessories in various sizes. Simple to use and robust.

Conveyor Technology Services specializes in a wide range of products with a broad cross section of industries to cater for. We are committed to the supply of quality product that increase production flexibility while decreasing lead times and inventory requirements.



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